‘Dialogue between mind and soul’

I slept really late last night, somehow couldn’t get my sleep. When I woke up early morning a tiny little voice in me said, ‘Go back to sleep, you deserve a proper 8 hour sleep minimum.’I told myself a little more relaxation won’t harm me instead I will wake up rejuvenated and refreshed and I will be all set to go through my day.

Lo! 3 hours of my life just vanish in a blink of an eye and I get up all grumpy, irritated and guilty.

As I sit up on my bed and figuring out what just happened, I hear my mind and body interacting.

Mind: So what she got a little extra sleep, she needed to replenish her energy, so that she could be more productive.

Body : And she needed the energy to replenish ME, I was actually very fresh and happy early morning. Now I am feeling aches and pains, lethargic.

Mind: I am happy she listened to me and took care of herself. You have no idea how important it is to sleep for minimum 8 hours a day. It is beneficial in the longer run for YOU.

Body: Oh Hello! You are talking about me here and I am saying I did not need those extra 3 hours to energize me, it made me feel low instead.

And while I am listening to this conversation a very weak tiny voice tries to draw attention towards itself.

SOUL : I understand you mind, where you are coming from but life is not about how it is suppose to be. It is all about what the bigger picture is and how you feel in that moment to do. I personally would have preferred if Swati woke up when she was fresh and wide-awake, went out for a little walk may be, did her yoga, took care and enjoyed herself instead of sleeping those extra 3 hours because that how it usually works. She and I would have been happier and more productive that way.

In a flash all those times I ignored the voice of my soul and my body to listen to the voice of my mind flashed right in front of me.

Mind loves to control our actions, reactions, responses and it really feels bad and pathetic when we start taking charge of our life and take the control from its hand. Mind tries to challenge our system, our trust, belief, our freedom of choice. It tells us we have no other choice but to go by the norms, belief, society and so on and so forth.

How do we decide whether it is our mind speaking or our soul calling out to take an action? Always take a step back and ask whether this fits into the bigger plan of my life or it makes me feel stuck again.

If it makes you feel stuck, definitely it is your mind speaking not allowing you to move forward in your life and keeping you where you are, taking the control in its hands.

But if you look at your action and feel that this will take you towards your goals, towards your freedom of choice, towards your growth and you feel at peace with that then definitely it is your soul talking to you.

Mind will try to talk you out of your action plan and try to tell you it will be very difficult to move forward with it and Soul will gently nudge you towards your growth.

If you are feeling stuck in life and don’t know how to determine which way to go:

“Contemplate on what makes you do what you are doing at the moment. Is it because you love doing it or is it because you saw your parents doing that you perceived it to be the right thing to do. Or is it because this is how it is accepted by the society. Write a journal every night with an intention to get the clarity.”

Originally published at thecircleoflove.in on May 30, 2016.



I am a work in progress. Life has been kind enough to give me enough and more chances. Wanderer, dreamer and energy worker is what I am

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