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An interesting question was asked by a dear friend of mine.

What is more important, Routine or Rhythm?

Now if you look at it intellectually aren’t they the same? Yet they are so different.

The moment a child is told he has to be in a routine, he must have a disciplined life what does the child do? Initially the child listens to you because you are an authority over him as the time goes by it’s not easy for the child to stick to it; a part of him rebels because discipline and Routine is forced upon him. Forced decisions condition the mind, it binds the mind.

Mind doesn’t like that! Mind likes to have options and freedom.

When we talk about rhythm we open the avenues of options in front of the child and child gets excited. It’s more fun and personalized. Isn’t it wonderful when we do things in our space while understanding our own likes and dislikes?

Why do we need discipline/Routine?

In my opnion, we feel if we won’t have discipline then we will not be on track, we may lose perspective of where we are and what we are doing. Discipline is more to do with taming and controlling our selves. Hence routine becomes boring because it has been told to us /forced upon us. It did not give us any choice; even if it did it didn’t feel like it. It’s like giving control over to time, other people, and situations. When are not able to follow the routine or disciplined life, it brings in guilt at the same time when we do have a disciplined life it brings in Ego. Routine is about following the external clock for external reasons. Routine is boring!

What about Rhythm?

When anything is done looking at external factors it is bound to fizzle out but when we align the purpose of doing things along with our own sense of timing and capabilities it becomes much lighter and we start to enjoy the process. Rhythm is all about finding your own self and your own discipline and routine within your boundaries. When we are in rhythm we allow us to be ourselves so there is no guilt or ego drama attached to it. Rhythm is about following the natural clock for internal reasons. Rhythm is all about taking charge of one. Rhythm is fun!

Now the question comes if we leave the child to himself he wouldn’t like to do many things, do we just let him be? Or should we guide him, show him ways of life?

Yes absolutely! As a parent it is our duty to show the right path. Similarly it is our duty to understand the natural rhythm of the child. And by creating a flexible routine to create his rhythm we can help him have healthy lifestyle.

The way nature has its own rhythm, we also have our natural rhythm in our body. The more we start connecting to ourselves, easier it is for us to find our internal balance and rhythm to follow. Sun is so much in sync with its nature. No one has to tell it when to rise and shine. It does it on its own and does it so beautifully. The moment we start aligning our sense of self with our purpose of life it automatically brings in the rhythm and routine in life (Yes routine, and this routine won’t be boring, it will give satisfaction and peace).

When we sow a seed, we don’t tell it when to grow, how much to grow. We make sure that the soil is correct, water is just enough not more or less, there is enough nutrition in the soil. We provide proper environment for it to grow and that is all.

Similarly proper environment for children is important. When we make our children aware of their responsibilities towards them, towards family, towards society everything follows beautifully and naturally. That is the way to go.

At the same time there are many people who didn’t have the environment or family support yet they thrived and made something of themselves. That is only because they aligned themselves with their true nature and their natural rhythm and purpose of life. There was no discipline or routine for them,they found their internal rhythm, internal discipline, and internal routine.

Leave how things should be/must be. Make it how YOU can be.

Make yourself responsible firstly towards your own growth, then family’s growth and society’s growth. Then watch life unfolding itself to you in the most miraculous manner. The more we find our natural rhythm more disciplined/routine our life becomes in a peaceful and harmonious way.



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